Filippo Innocenti is an architect working in the field of digital architecture. His work is committed with the exploration of new possible organisational systems inspired from evolutionist biology and with their application to engineering and architectural practice.

Filippo Innocenti has been teaching architectural design at the University of Architecture of Florence and is currently professor of Architecture Technology at the Politecnico of Milan.

Before moving to London, in 2000, Filippo has been part of the design team for the New Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Together with Maurizio Meossi he founded Spin+, an open research group dedicated to the enhancement of architectural space perception thanks to virtual environments. Spin+  has been part of the Italian digital avanguard, a group of different architects arising in 2000 around the new possibilities given by computer technology and defined by the critic as “the generation without teachers”.

Their work has been published in different books and magazines and included in some of the main architectural exhibitions, among these: Less Aesthetics, More Ethichs, VII Biennale di Architettura di Venezia; Responsive Environments, Archilab, Orleans, and more recently, Young Punks, selected post-DRL work, Architectural Association, London.

In London he received a master in Design Research from the Architectural Association. Since then, he has been invited as a juror at the AA and as a lecturer in different university in Italy. Recently he took part to the AAST (Advanced Architecture Settimo Tokio) in Turin, to the Design to Practice cycle of lectures in the Politecnico di Bologna and has been chair of Innovative technologies at the Politecnico of Milan.

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